Jonathan Freedman, Automation Enthusiast
Ain't nothing but a DevOps thang
Oakland, California, US

Employment History

2015-10-12 through Present
Senior DevOps Engineer
Operational support of PaaS componentry
  • Building internal communities around tooling for management of operational secrets.
  • Developing a continuous deployment strategy taking into account a non-homogeneous set of applications and targets.
  • Evangelisation of inner and open source approaches to challenges at scale.
Syntertainment, Inc
2015-05-01 through 2015-09-30
DevOps Engineer
Release Pipeline and Production Operations
  • Developed build and release pipeline using Ansible for NodeJS components on AWS infrastructure.
  • Implemented AWS Autoscaling with Ansible, Packer, and CloudFormation.
  • Instrumented production systems using NewRelic, and CloudWatch.
2013-07-15 through 2015-03-23
Operations Engineer
Build and release pipelines in an indempotent Chef world
  • Work with the Operations team to ensure continuous delivery of products with a high degree of availability.
  • Maintain automation solutions (Chef/Jenkins) to support our JVM and Python stack on the AWS/EC2 cloud platform.
  • Develop internal tools in Python and Ruby to support the product build and deployment pipelines.
2010/11/04 through 2013/08/30
Senior Software Engineer
High capacity social media data ingestion
  • Support of SAAS product by developing a real time data ingestion system tied into major social media networks.
  • Emphasized continuous delivery of live Erlang based system, pushing frequent releases a day without down time.
  • Migrated SAAS product from the AWS public cloud into a private VMWare based system.
  • Helped support additional aspects of the SAAS product including but not limited to NodeJS, Ruby, and PostgreSQL.
2009/05/01 through 2010/08/29
Lead Server Developer
Highly available backend web services for online games
  • Worked in MontrĂ©al office providing continuously deployed backend systems for two game offerings.
  • Introduced networked software services written in C and Python in order to potentially support a variety of applications.
  • These services were deployed on our private VMWare system and the public AWS cloud.
  • Responsible for implementing a variety of payment systems based on leading providers.
Wello Horld, Inc
2008/03/01 through 2009/03/28
Lead Backend Developer
Custom routing in XMPP systems
  • Worked remotely and at Brooklyn / San Francisco offices to implement and support a robust backend.
  • System was developed in Erlang and made heavy use of Standardized XMPP with custom event filtering software.


  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Hashicorp Vault
  • ITIL (but really)
  • Sensu
  • Prometheus
  • Graphite
  • NewRelic
  • Logstash
  • Splunk
  • Red Team
  • Log analysis
  • Operational Secrets
Continuous Delivery
  • Jenkins
  • Artifactory
  • Build pipelines
  • Release management
Software Development
  • Erlang
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Shell
Software Development
  • C
  • Java
  • Go